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Inward Processing Relief:
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Imagine this: a company exports sugar-containing products outside the EU. It wants to be able to compete with local products. Without making concessions to the quality of their own product and with a favourable price. Limako’s answer: Inward Processing Relief within the EU. We help you make this possible!

To cope with competition on the world market, European customs allow that – under the Inward Processing Relief arrangement – sugar from outside the EU is imported, processed within Europe, and then exported again to the world market. All of this without having to pay any import duties.

Limako finds this a beautiful development! However, applying the arrangement comes with some difficulty for the sugar processor.

Limako likes to lend a hand. We unburden the sugar processors during the whole procedure of Inward Processing Relief: throughout the buying process, the logistical phase, the administration, with customs formalities and during the commercial completion. Everything we do is tailored to our customer.

Trading without borders

Limako opens doors for you using Inward Processing Relief!