Limako delivers premium European white sugar to the world market

Full of ambition

Adding value to the sugar chain, offering perfect logistical services and relieving our clients of any worries. Our ambition is broad.

This ambition has been constantly developing since 1968, when Limako Suiker BV was founded as a joint venture between Suiker Unie (51%) and ED&F MAN (49%). At the time Limako was engaged in exporting sugar surplus from the European Union to the world market, initially in large, conventional cargoes of 10.000 to 20.000 tons. In the nineties the company focused on exporting smaller consignments of sugar per container. This sugar was shipped just in time to the final destination of the customer. Our customer portfolio has since grown steadily. In 2006 when the sugar sector was reformed, Limako started a new era. Besides exporting white sugar from Europe to the world market, the company also started to import (raw) cane sugar to the European market.

And this is what we do to this day. We export top quality white sugar to multinationals all over the world. And we deliver to local importers and to food aid organizations. We import (raw) cane sugar for refining, direct consumption and Inward processing relief.

All this is not just done for our customers, but also together with our customers. Our emphasis is always on personal contact. We offer tailor made solutions for every customer, always with considerable flexibility.

Ambitious Together

We offer tailor-made solutions for every customer and do so with a great dose of flexibility.